SM64Paint: A Graphics Editor for SM64
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This program is a vertex painter, texture editor, and somewhat of a display list editor for SM64 and is currently in an early beta stage.

It can currently:
  • Preview all levels within any uncompressed SM64 ROM (including mods)
  • Attempt to force a geometry mode change from vector normal lighting to vertex RGBA shading and vice versa
  • Colour vertices from a palette selection
  • Save ROM with all edited vertices
  • Allows texture editing including clamping, mirroring, formats, and bitsize (includes RGBA16, RGBA32, CI4, IA4, IA8, IA16, I4, and I8)
  • Allows saving texture images by right clicking on the texture preview
  • Show a table of previous vertex colours underneathe palette
Upcoming plans:
  • Finish coding object model editor
  • Properly render environment mapping (Half-working already)
  • CI8 and YUV16 texture importing 
  • Optimisation and UI improvements
  • Properly render light vectors in proportion to camera view
You can download the program and the source here at GitHub!

Let me know of any suggestions or bugs and I'll see what I can do for future renditions!
P.S.: For those who just want to use the program, all you need is the exe on the main page. All other files are for the source.
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Forgive me if I come off as a complete moron but could this be used as an easy way to lower the performance cost of rom's on weaker devices. I'm trying to find a way to make rom hacks run better on psp and the first thing I thought of (besides improving the emulator) was maybe using lower res textures or something. Would that work?
The program is detected as malware.
(09-05-2018, 07:56 PM)Super Watermelon 64 Wrote: The program is detected as malware.

just whitelist it from your antivirus
I have a question that goes directly to Trenavix, but if anyone else knows, please respond. How do you make textures fade into each other? Or if that's not possible with this tool, how do you make things fade into alpha? Alpha only mode does not work.
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you can overlay two textures to make a transitional texture in photo editing software if you can't figure out how to make alpha transitions in game. Just overlay the textures and make a gradient mask for a simple transition, it should look the same as an alpha transition in game would look.
I can't vertex color.
for those who use rom manager, here's the fork of sm64 paint that supports rom manager
release is in /bin
whoops there was a virus? link here for some time how did that happen
How do i add textures to a level? Mine is just grey and i want to change the color of it to make it less bland.

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