Introduce Yourselves
hey !
i'm astolfo , you already know me , don't ya ?
Yo, I´m Saba. I still don´t know what I´m doing here.
hi im jesse, I spend time making ds homebrew like mario galaxy ds (better than smg64) and other stuff I probably forgot about
Hello I'm shygoo. I occasionally make N64 romhacking tools when I'm not busy downloading memes
Hi, everyone. I am J_128! You may know me from other places too. I mostly just mess around with SM64. You ask what I mean by 'Mess around'? Sorry! That's classified. ;-D
My name's freem; I work on hacking various AKI Corporation wrestling games on N64 (primarily focused on Virtual Pro-Wrestling 2 at the moment).
What's up!
My name's Miles, and I'm a rom hacker of the game Super Mario 64. You probably already of heard of me, but who cares, right?
I have medium knowledge of hacking, and I do a little bit of everything. Modelling, music, art, anything.
My current project's called Half Life 64. It's a port of Half Life into Super Mario 64, with the levels directly ripped! Big Grin
Half Life has always been one of my favorite games along with SM64, so why not have a crossover?
If you want to talk to me, my discord is Miles#5198.
Currently Making:
Half Life 64 - A rom hack of Super Mario 64 importing all of the Half Life (1998) levels with
varying amounts of custom ASM and edits. If you want to help out, dm me on discord.
Hey there, I'm Quasmok but most people know me as just Nikki.
If I'm not pretending to be busy I'm usually just trial and erroring on personal projects or wasting my lifetime on YouTube.
Happy Hacking!
hey, im gtm. i like memes and watching people hack sm64.
Hello, I am jockey, I play and hack sm64 whenever I want and that is all.
Hi Im cyborg and im lazy and play games
Hey I'm Eddio0141!
I do sm64 hacking which is mostly coding but can do most things
tf2, sm64 and anime is my favorite
what is wet and dry at the same time?

no its not his ass
its wet dry world


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