Super Mario Earth's Invasion
Hi, I'm JakeDower and this is the first preview of a Super Mario 64 Major Hack which I'm working on with my team. In this game there will be custom objects, custom musics or ports, new coding stuff, custom huds and new original maps based off real places on the Earth...and much more Wink

Enjoy the video:

1st OST preview:

my twitch:
That slide level is probably my favourite out of the others, reminds me of the PSX crash games
This looks great so far! Who's your team? I also remember you asking me about music. Sorry I can't help with that. I'm better with models and if you would like help feel free to ask me!
-Working on "Super Mario 64 Star Odyssey" and miniature ROM hacks with Loz Oot worlds.
Look very sick, keep it up !
Guys, check out my 1st OST preview:

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