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Hi, I like traps
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Hello, I'm Epitoaster, I've been interested in hacking since I played a TT64 hack back in 2011. I've watched us come so far over the years and the scene is just beginning, I look forward to meeting you all and having a good time.
Tired Romhacker
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Hello, I am Simon.
Hey i'm CrashOveride™. I mod goldeneye and perfect dark for the N64, with a mild interest for *console compatible* SM64 hacking.
Hi there, I’m Expnand. I’m just a guy with little skill and a bold passion for SM64 romhacking. Smile
Hello! Sunstone here, I'm new to the whole modding community and don't have a whole lot of experience, but I'm hoping I'll be able to learn how to design my own ROMHacks!
Hello I am Triclon! I grew up playing the Nintendo 64 and now I want to learn how the games work and improve them 20+ years on after they were released. I am trying to teach myself ASM. For now I make a lot of Gameshark codes, mostly for Mario Kart 64. Checkout my github:
Heya,I'm GGmand,on my free time i hack some random games for fun,like sm64,pkm emerald,smw or any other game than im interested
Hi, I am here for different reasons.
Hey I'm islender. I lazily mod Super Mario Galaxy 2 for whatever reason.
Hello, my name is Aiden, also known as AidenMachinimas for some people.
I create SM64 Machinimas and create music.
Hello everyone, I'm KirbyJoe_H. I'm interested in Kirby 64.
Hello everyone! I am boba2000fett, and I am interested in modding SM64. During my childhood, I was always interested in SM64, as well as many other retro games from that era and the one before it. Later on, I tried multiple times to start hacking the game, but each time I lost interest with how difficult it was to find the proper tools and to get them to work correctly. Last year, I finally got the proper tools (thank the maker for the SM64 Rom Manager) and I began my first hack. I have been working on it for the past year, and it is almost done.
dunno if I posted a reply here but hi I'm Jecket and I game SM64

also I am still working on SM66, THAT'S RIGHT, NOBODY EXPECTED-
Hey im AdSab and i like doing SM64 machinimas
I'm SRB64. I'm currently trying to reverse engineer a game called Wonder Project J2. It's also in the "Not enough subject matter" section. I might try to reverse engineer some other games in the future though.
I meant data mine games. I don't want to reverse engineer them.

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