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Each area in the game has a struct that defines the music played. Levels Inside that struct the music ID for that area is defined. Below is a list of all the Music IDs

  1. 0x0: no change/no music
  2. 0x1: Boss
  3. 0x2: Battle
  4. 0x3: Dance Long
  5. 0x4: Dance Short
  6. 0x5: Death/Life Lost
  7. 0x6: Friends (beta)
  8. 0x7: Friends 2 (beta)
  9. 0x8: Friends 3 (beta)
  10. 0x9: Minigame Victory
  11. 0xA: Aqua Star
  12. 0xB: Neo Star
  13. 0xC: Rock Star
  14. 0xD: Pop Star
  15. 0xE: Above the Clouds
  16. 0xF: Mountain Stream
  17. 0x10: Shiver Star
  18. 0x11: Inside the Ruins
  19. 0x12: Quiet Forest
  20. 0x13: Ruins
  21. 0x14: Ripple Star Catacombs
  22. 0x15: Factory Inspection
  23. 0x16: Ripple Star
  24. 0x17: Game Over
  25. 0x18: Bonus
  26. 0x19: Falling Fight
  27. 0x1A: Rock Star Select
  28. 0X1B: Pop Star Select
  29. 0x1C: Aqua Star Select
  30. 0x1D: Neo Star Select
  31. 0x1E: Shiver Star Select
  32. 0x1F: Invincible
  33. 0x20: Training
  34. 0x21: Talking Battle
  35. 0x22: Room Gaurder
  36. 0x23: Mini Game Select
  37. 0x24: Ripple Star Select
  38. 0x25: World Map
  39. 0x26: File Select
  40. 0x27: Battle Among Friends: Waddle Dee
  41. 0x28: Battle Among Friends: Adeline
  42. 0x29: Battle Among Friends: King Dedede
  43. 0x2A: Opening
  44. 0x2B: Your Quest Revealed (one of the beginning cutscenes)
  45. 0x2C: What! (one of the beginning cutscenes)
  46. 0x2D: I'll Go, Too (one of the beginning cutscenes)
  47. 0x2E: Eek! (one of the beginning cutscenes)
  48. 0x2F: Mix Me In, Too (one of the beginning cutscenes)
  49. 0x30: Whoa!! (one of the beginning cutscenes)
  50. 0x31: I'll Come Along With You (one of the cutscenes)
  51. 0x32: Alright, On To The Next (one of the cutscenes)
  52. 0x33: I'm Hungry (one of the cutscenes)
  53. 0x34: Beach's Backyard (one of the cutscenes)
  54. 0x35: Major Specialization (one of the cutscenes)
  55. 0x36: Overnight Detective (one of the cutscenes)
  56. 0x37: Final Battle
  57. 0x38: Bye-Bye
  58. 0x39: The End part 1 (credits?)
  59. 0x3A: Nothing?
  60. 0x3B: Enemy Card Index
  61. 0x3C: Dark Star
  62. 0x3D: Miracle Matter
  63. 0x3E: Gourmet Race
  64. 0x3F: The End part 2 (credits?)
  65. 0x40: nothing
  66. 0x41: Starts Repeating tracks. Not sure if arrangements/overflow

The following table is sorted by their ROM Addresses.

Music ID ROM Address Start File Name File Description
0x01 025051C 001K4BOSS1 Boss
0x02 02526F8 002K4BOSS2 O2 Battle
0x3C 025784C 060K4BOSS3 Dark Star (O2's Level)
0x3D 0259610 061K4BOSS4 Miracle Matter
0x03 025B518 003K4CLEAR Victory Dance Long
0x04 025BA60 004K4CLEARSH Victory Dance Short
0x05 025BDE0 005K4DEAD Death/Life Lost
0x06 025C274 006K4DEMOSIMOBE1 Friends (Beta Music)
0x07 025D89C 007K4DEMOSIMOBE2 Theater Selection
0x08 025EBD8 008K4DEMOSIMOBE3 King Dedede's Castle
0x09 02606C8 009K4FANFARE1 Mini Game Victory
0x0A 02619AC 010K4FIELD1 Aqua Star
0x0B 0263760 011K4FIELD2 Neo Star
0x0C 0265FD0 012K4FIELD3 Rock Star
0x0D 0268554 013K4FIELD4 Pop Star
0x0E 026B8B8 014K4FIELD5 Above The Clouds
0x0F 026E7E8 015K4FIELD6 Mountain Stream
0x10 0271848 016K4FIELD7 Shiver Star
0x11 0274C84 017K4FIELD8 Inside The Ruins
0x12 0275FB8 018K4FIELD9 Quiet Forest
0x13 0277458 019K4FIELD10 Ruins
0x14 0279DB8 020K4FIELD11 Ripple Star Catacombs
0x15 027B904 021K4FIELD12 Factory Inspection
0x16 027D0DC 022K4FIELD13 Ripple Star
0x17 02806D8 023K4GAMEOVER1 Game Over
0x18 0280D4C 024K4GOALGAME1 Bonus (Picnic)
0x3E 0281120 062K4GURUME1 Noisy Race (Gourmet Race)
0x19 028280C 025K4ISOGASI1 Falling Fight (Checker Board Chase)
0x1A 0283750 026K4LEVEL1 Rock Star Select
0x1B 0283D74 027K4LEVEL2 Pop Star Select
0x1C 02844C0 028K4LEVEL3 Aqua Star Select
0x1D 0284C28 029K4LEVEL4 Neo Star Select
0x1E 0286224 030K4LEVEL5 Shiver Star Select
0x1F 0286994 031K4MUTEKI1 Invincible
0x20 0287284 032K4RENSYUU1 Training (Tutorial)
0x21 0289104 033K4ROCKN1 Talking Battle (Bumper Cop Bump)
0x22 028AB94 034K4ROOM1 Mini-Boss
0x23 028B5E8 035K4SELECT1 Mini-Game Select
0x24 028BFE4 036K4SELECT2 Ripple Star Select
0x25 028D42C 037K4SELECT3 Galaxy (World Select)
0x26 0292654 038K4SELECT4 File Select
0x3B 0292FC8 059K4SELECT5 Enemy Info Card Index
0x27 0293EF4 039K4TYUBOSS1 Battle Among Friends: Waddle Dee
0x28 02945FC 040K4TYUBOSS2 Battle Among Friends: Adeleine
0x29 0295704 041K4TYUBOSS3 Battle Among Friends: King Dedede
0x2A 02968E0 042MV0_01 Opening (Ribbon Intro Cutscene)
0x2B 0297D08 043MV0_02 Kirby's Quest (Kirby Intro Cutscene)
0x2C 0298CA8 044MV1_WAD01 What! (Waddle Dee Intro Cutscene)
0x2D 0299970 045MV1_WAD02 I'll Go Too! (Waddle Dee Joins Cutscene)
0x2E 029A228 046MV1_AD01 Eek! (Adeleine Intro Cutscene)
0x2F 029AC94 047MV1_AD02 Mix Me In, Too (Adeleine Joins Cutscene)
0x30 029BC60 048MV1_DEDE01 Whoa!! (King Dedede Intro Cutscene)
0x31 029CB50 049MV1_DEDE02 I'll Come Along With You (King Dedede Joins Cutscene)
0x32 029D630 050MV1_NEXTMAP On To Rock Star (Pop Star To Rock Star Cutscene)
0x33 029E36C 051MV2_NEXTMAP I'm Hungry (Rock Star To Aqua Star Cutscene)
0x34 029FA40 052MV3_NEXTMAP Beach's Backyard (Aqua Star To Neo Star Cutscene)
0x35 02A09CC 053MV4_NEXTMAP Major Specialization (Neo Star To Shiver Star Cutscene)
0x36 02A1884 054MV5_NEXTMAP Overnight Detective (Shiver Star To Ripple Star Cutscene)
0x37 02A2280 055MV6_NEXTMAP Final Battle (All Crystal Shards Collected Cutscene)
0x38 02A35AC 056MV6_ENDING Bye Bye (Not All Crystal Shards Collected Cutscene)
0x39 02A48BC 057MV7_ENDING The End (O2 Defeated Cutscene)
0x3F 02A5AC0 063MV8_STAFF Credits
0x3A 02A8C38 058ZZZZ Nothing?

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