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Submission Guidelines

Adding new pages

You may start a new page by visiting a URL like:

Where namespace_here is the name of the game or category, and page_name_here is the name of the page.

After you create a page, you may add links to the sidebar and index so users can find your content.

Adding unoriginal content

You may add documentation that you did not write yourself, but only if the documentation is for a game that is actively hacked by the community. If you are unsure, please consult with a moderator.

Sources of unoriginal content must be cited - please include links to the original documents or credit the authors.

Deleting obsolete content

If you believe an item is outdated or obsolete and it should be deleted, please consult with a moderator first.

Vandalism policy

Users who intentionally deface pages or submit nonsense content will be permanently banned from the Hack64 wiki and forum.

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