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Model Data

Banjo-Kazooie uses a file-system in which most resources are packed into file blocks throughout the ROM, and are unpacked into RAM when needed. Among these are the model files, each with their own syntax and load-lines. This page's purpose is to cover the syntax and properties of said model files.

Address Value/Syntax Description
0x00000000 [00 00 00 0B] START
0x00000004 [aa aa aa aa] Geometry Layout Offset
0x00000008 [bb bb cc cc] bb=Texture Setup Offset (Usually 00 38), cc=Geo Type*
0x0000000C [dd dd dd dd] Display List Setup Offset
0x00000010 [ee ee ee ee] Vertex Store Setup Offset
0x00000014 [00 00 00 00] ?
0x00000018 [ff ff ff ff] Animation Setup
0x0000001C [gg gg gg gg] Collision Setup
0x00000020 [hh hh hh hh] Effects Setup End Address
0x00000024 [hh hh hh hh] Effects Setup
0x00000028 [00 00 00 00] ?
0x0000002C [jj jj jj jj] Some animation setup offset? (Vertex clipping?)
0x00000030 [00 00 kk kk ll ll 00 00] kk= Tri count, ll= vert count

*Geo Types: 0000=normal, 0002= Trilinear MipMapping (RGBA16), 0004=Env mapping

Texture Setup

Offset from TexSetup Start Value/Syntax Description
0x00000000 [aa aa aa aa] Amount of data in bytes to load (including command)
0x00000004 [00 cc 00 00] cc=Texture Count
0x00000008 [dd dd dd dd] Texture[i] segment address from texture data start
0x0000000C [00 ee 00 00 xx yy 00 00] Texture[i] ee =type*, xx yy=Pixel Grid
0x00000014 [00 00 00 00] Wasted data?

*Types: 01=CI4, 02=CI8, 04=RGBA16, 08=RGBA32, 0x10=IA8,

*External texture indices start at FileID 0x1EF6, 0 indexed.

Example: 00 00 06 00 00 01 00 00 40 40 00 00 00 00 00 00

This will load a CI4 64x64 texture from segmented address 0x600.

Display List Setup

Offset from DLSetup Start Value/Syntax Description
0x00000000 [aa aa aa aa 00 00 00 00] F3DEX Command Count
0x00000008 F3DEX F3DEX Display List

Vertex Store Setup

Offset from VTXSetup Start Value/Syntax Description
0x00000000 [aa aa bb bb cc cc] Draw distance: Negative Coords
0x00000006 [dd dd ee ee ff ff] Draw distance: Positive Coords
0x0000000C [gg gg hh hh] Object Coordinate Range
0x00000010 [jj jj] Collision range? (Enemies, Objects)
0x00000014 [kk kk] Collision range? (Banjo)
0x00000016 [ll ll] Vertex Count*2

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