Super Mario Lost Worlds
Hey everyone this is a thread to present you my hack project : Super Mario Lost Worlds  ^U^ 

[Image: nyx1hqt.png]

This is a normal hack with 120 collectable stars, 15 unique levels, new cap and secret levels, and a brand new original story that takes place after the events of Super Mario 64.
No major ASM code modification in this hack because i'm a lazy man 

The hack isn't quite finished (around 40% completion for now) but I work on it when I have time, and I will often post screenshots of the progress Smile

Heres more informations about the hack : 


1) Pirate Guys Beach

[Image: QziHaF6.png]

2) Whomp Mountains

[Image: rhKXYER.png]

3) Red Forest

[Image: HeBfnFl.png]

4) Ancient Peaks

[Image: v1wWfmj.png]

6) Nightmarish Cave

[Image: zrvWLx2.png]

7) Bully fortress

[Image: YBmPJWs.png]

8) Forgotten Valley

[Image: J775BmN.png]

I'll stop spoiling here, the rest will come soon! Wink
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Looks good pal
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Looking good. Could use some better shading tho (experiment with ctrl+eraser if you're using sketchup).
Looking really good so far, im really thinking foward to play this one!
If i could give any suggestions i would suggest to change the textures in the "red forest" tbh they look kinda ugly and unfitting.
[Image: Doob_png.png]
Looks brilliant!
It's beautiful.
looking forward to this, it looks like it has some effort put into it and could be fun.
Thumbs Up 
This looks amazing! Really looking forward to this! Big Grin
HI !!!
Thanks everyone ^_^

some screenshots :

I actually update the Level 1 :

[Image: QziHaF6.png]

And I have almost finish the Level 7 :

[Image: YBmPJWs.png]

and the Level 3 was retextured : 

[Image: HeBfnFl.png]

see ya ! O/
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That looks great. I'll be watching this. Bowser's castle looks very good. I like that door also, nice detail.
Hey, I like the creativity put into some of these levels. Be sure to use SM64Paint to turn those banjo-kazooie textures into 64x64 though; they're purposely already 16 colours so they'll fit right into CI4.
This looks amazing!
This hack looks beautiful! I'll really look forward to playing it! Excellent work!
Hey, this looks pretty sexy.
I like the course concepts and the textures (brilliant use of Wind Waker textures in Course 1 Wink ) used.
Keep up the good work, looking forward to playing this.
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I like this hack already by looking at the level work, the texturing needs some fixing in parts but im pretty sure when it release's it will be fixed.
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Hi everyone o/ I will give you some information and update on my hack ^^

- First : the name change : "Super Mario : Lost Worlds" become "Super Mario : Lost Worlds crusade". Why ? 'cause a hack is already named "lost world" and another "lost worlds" and the word -crusade- fit well with the scenario.

[Image: N9ScOzd.png]

- second : level 8 and 4  and metal cap are finish at 100%
               level 13 is often finish
               final battle also finish
               wings' cap level is fixed (invisible death floor wall )
               adding some custom objets (screen at bottom)
               rework of level 6 (Nighmarish cave)

Custom objets :

this gear rotating

[Image: ADdMjbA.png]

there is another one but you will see it in game Wink

So that all for now, bye o/
This sounds great so far! I really can't wait!
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Very cool stuff, especially "Pirate guys beach". Good luck
Hey o/

little update on level 2 :

[Image: 8nrNhdJ.png]
This looks great! Are you planning on adding fog here? I looks like it needs a background element to cover up the square bottom. Nice job.
-Working on "Super Mario 64 Star Odyssey" and miniature ROM hacks with Loz Oot worlds.

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