SM64 Blender Importer
SM64 Blender Importer
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This is a Blender plugin I've been working on that allows you to import custom Mario models, without having to manually import each body part separately. It also lets you import/export custom display lists. It relies on Blender custom data attributes that determine how the mesh in Blender is imported.

Features (import means import into Blender)
  • Mario import/export
  • Modified bone lengths are saved, excluding the root bone
  • Face animation supported
  • Can import custom hatless head/other hand poses
  • Will update metal/vanish models
  • Geo layout import
  • Display List import/export
  • Custom color combination functionality
  • Textures are not imported, only exported
  • The Blender custom data attributes are necessary for the plugin to work; Make sure to follow the process outlined in the instruction files.
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