RotM September 2019 - Forsaken 64

This thread is dedicated to notes, files, and tools created for September 2019's RotM.

What is RotM?

ROM of the Month (RotM) is a month-long event in the Hack64 discord server. Where a bot will randomly pick a Nintendo 64 game that has little to no hacking notes or tools, and then we will spend a month trying to figure out how it works. For September 2019, the bot has chosen the game "Forsaken 64". We are specifically hacking the North American version of the game.

More details can be found on the main wiki article:

The wiki article for the game itself can be found here:

The discussion on the current game is done on the Hack64 discord server under the #rotm channel. 

Online Files

For easy collaboration, we are using HackMD to update files online in real time.

n64split config / RAM map:

Feel free to post your own notes on the game in a reply to this thread.


This post will be a simple summary of what was found/made in the discord server over this month.

1.) Compression Format

Forsaken64 uses RNC (Rob Northern Computing) compression and the RNX extension by Acclaim. You can use this python tool to extract all the compressed blocks from the N64 ROM:

2.) Model Viewer

I made a simple javascript tool to view and extract all the models within the game. You can find the tool here:

[Image: IEdmMM7.png]
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