Performance patches?
I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to lower the requirements of rom hacks (especially demanding ones like Last Impact) so they can be played on my psp go at a higher fps w/ sound. Some already run well like plants vs zombies 64 but I imagine that is because the world is small and there are no enemies at all. Vanilla sm64 also runs very well for the most part but certain song's really slow the game down for some reason. Could removing just the soundtrack improve my fps and if so how could I do this? What else could I do to increase speed? Change textures to lower resolution ones? Lower the fov? I've seen that people are trying to make some rom hacks everdrive compatible through changing the Fast3D algorithm, is there a patch that does this easily and would it even help? I've struggled with this for a long time. I had hoped that Daedalusx64 would get updated but seeing as it likely might not and sm64 hacks are the only n64 games I want to play on psp I thought I could take another route. The psp community is dead but sm64 is booming so there is still hope from this end especially since the emulator was made with this game as it's main test. I've asked the developer StrmnNrmn (and many others) on the githup if an sm64 specific fork was feasible but he never responded and I am doubtful anyone even cares anymore. Any help is appreciated guys, thanks in advance.

P.S. please don't tell me "your better with a newer device" or "not going to happen, psp is to weak". I know that, I have a galaxy s8 and it runs rom hacks but the psp go is tiny and has built in controls. It's my favorite handheld. They got so close to full speed w/ sound on sm64, there has to be something that can be done to get it where it needs to be. Everywhere I go people tell me the same things "impossible". The task may be difficult but if someone said N64 would be on psp before it was, people would also say "impossible"
I know you said not to say it was impossible but the thing is, it is. It's already a miracle that decently fast N64 emulation (with crap accuracy but whatever) on PSP is a thing but performance improvements are just not gonna happen. Everdrive compatibility is still a work in progress so I doubt a patch has surfaced yet, and even if it has, I doubt it would make things much better.
This is a few months down the road, but there's a project that's decompiling all of SM64's code back into C right now. If some of the slowdowns on your device are CPU related, a version of the game that's recompiled using a modern compiler could run smoother. We'll probably be able to make a program that copies the optimized code into romhacks.
One optimization that I thought of in-game, is to make a custom Mario model that has less polys.

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