The Tale of 2 64 version and Unreal Engine
Hey there, recently I've been taking my time developing a Mario game for Unreal Engine. I have not programmed gameplay yet, I probably won't get to that until summer.

Here's the current layout. It's still very early in development.

[Image: 5cDSkkk.png]

I also plan on releasing a 64 version of the game so no one is disappointed, and the levels will be optimized so that it runs smooth. Since only a quarter of the levels would fit in a 64 bit rom, I'll probably put the one's that people like in the 64 version.

This game aims to include -

- 120 high quality levels and subareas across 8 regions, no filler 
- Boss fights for each level with great music and fighting enviroments
- Past regions will be returning such as Isle Delfino
- Story along with the adventure with cutscenes
- Luigi will be playable and Luigi's mansion will be a mission
- Day and Night cycles 
- Over 301 stars to collect, the final count will be extensive
- Mario and Luigi won't be the only playable characters
- Won't be too high poly that it's unplayable

Software using Maya, Blender, Photoshop?, Unreal Engine

Soon to come -

- Animations on trees, bump maps, kickable objects, enemies and wildlfe
- Texture blending
- Gameplay

- Bigger than Odyssey

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