Super Mario Q [Team Cornersoft]
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☀ The story ☀

One faithful day King Bowser concieved of a genius plan to gain Princess Peach all to himself without Mario being able to save her, he quickly wnt to work. A few days later, Mario recieved a letter in the mail with an invitation to Quinto Island by the mayor of Quinto Town! But all was not what it seemed.

While his flight was of high class, with all the comforts one could wish, what he didn't realise was how he would land on the island. Once it came in sight, Mario was quickly swiped off his seat and thrown out of the plane, making a head-first landing onto one of the many shores on Quinto Island. With all his possessions still on-board he has no method of returning home anytime soon. Luckily he isn't alone on the Island!

Mario first meets Lady Plume at the shore he landed upon after his flight. She informs Mario that he came to the island at a very unfortunate time. The climate of the island has become rather cold lately and the island has almost completely lost its main power source, the Power Sparks, as a strange force has made the Sparks spread across the island. Mario, the good guy that he is, decides to help Lady Plume and the islanders get their Power Sparks back while also trying to find a way to return home to the Mushroom Kingdom.

What adventure will await him on the island?

✦ The Adventure ✦

What is an adventure without collectables? Mario's adventure across the entirety of Quinto Island is filled with many shiny things to collect. Gather Power Sparks for progression, Green Coins for trading, Red Coins for completing missions, and of course, the classic Yellow Coin, who could ever forget those?

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✦ Power Sparks: 90+ ✦
◈ Green Coins: 100 ◈
☀ Red Coins: Many ☀
✪ Yellow Coins: Lots! ✪
The main power source of the island! Used with all sorts of things electronic and organic. Provides electricity, warmth, light, and minor health benefits. May or may not be a fire hazard, so keep them away from flammable materials so their residual sparks wont lit them up! A much sought after collectable coin. They are a more ancient form of Quinto Island currency. There is an antique shop in town willing to trade them for their stashed away Power Sparks. Eye for an eye, collectable for a collectable. An uncommon collectable coin which Mario has encountered many times in his adventures before. By collecting 8 of these beauties, you may summon something good! In this case a Power Spark. There are plenty of coins to be found on Quinto island. Just like before, collecting 100 coins within one of the main areas will net you a prize! So, collect them all! Oh, and with enough of them you will also gain an extra life.

☾ The Island ☾

Across Quinto island are many beautiful, peaceful and strange places for Mario to visit and explore! Mario will have to comb many beaches, climb the tallest of mushrooms, swim to the deepest depths, and even scale Toltora Mountain to recover all the escaped Power Sparks. Will you find them all?

✦ Quinto Town ✦

Millo Beach
Clockwork Mansion
Fuhi Gardens
Luna Beach
Sarba Canyon
Don't let its sweet ocean aroma fool you, this is a place of modern energy innovation and cultivation! Come and look at our windmill park and be at awe at the size of them. Enjoy some nice soft serve, and take your athletic legs over to the monkey gym. Can you reach the top? It was once the home of the late Quinto Town mayor, now left in its preserved state to wander through and get lost in on your own! Open to visit on all days, mansion events are on weekends. No need to dream about a fantasy land when there is one right in front of you! Fuhi Gardens is a nice mix of flower beds and local fungi. Here you will find the most iconic feature on the entirety of Quinto Island: The Fuhi Shroom; A ginormous mushroom that can be seen from almost anywhere, it's just that tall! Don't forget to visit our greenhouses either, for as we grow our food with passion here as well. Located on the other side of the island, Luna Beach is your resort for your more adventurous vacations. Enjoy the mystical waters, explore, swim, climb, and more! We start every day with breakfast, we provide lunches and diner, and we have many beds available for a quick or lengthy snooze! Start your vacation now at Luna Beach Resort! It's the place to go to if you are a daredevil and aren't afraid of heights. Come explore the thrilling paths of the canyon or enjoy a nice airballoon ride across the entire river. There is a lot to see and a lot to find; From touring around our giant pipes, to walking across a scary and deep pit. Keep your balance now, and come visit!

✦ Quinto Outskirts ✦

Lady Plume's Villa
Maniral Reef
Roroboro Village
Toltora Mountain
Officially named the Quinto Town Diamond District; Over here you may meet and speak with the lady of the island herself! Come take a look at her elaborate villa and purchase some of our exquisite teas, the highest quality on offer of course! The calming and refreshingly clear waters of Maniral Reef is sure to surpass any spa you could ever visit. Built in ancient times, it is a place many Quintos are born and raised even to this day. Come and enjoy the historic scenery of Maniral Reef and become one with the island's waters. A village for the more nature loving tribe of Quintos. The village has been build on the steeper side of Toltora mountain. Watch your step, as a poorly calculated jump could lead to certain doom. That said, it is among the more serene places on the island. The tall mountain centered on the "head" of Quinto Island. Said to have been once a vulcano in ancient times, now holds the ruins of an ancient temple, leading into its crystal filled caverns.
you can call it super mario 256 Tongue
Hey y'all! I am still working on the project, and have now revived it with a new name!

Say goodbye to Super Mario 8MB, and say hi to:

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