Super Mario 8MB (thinking of a better name)
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The day was like any other day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Even with a few baddies here and there, the kingdom was at peace. One uneventful morning, Mario and his brother Luigi were sent on an errant by the princess. However, they did not realise that they were merely walking in Bowser's trap. Bowser's baddies took them in surprise and were dragged off to Bowser's castle. Mario and Luigi were crammed in to large cannons and got fired across the entire ocean in seperate directions. Mario traveled quite the distance before his speed slowed down and gravity dropped him like a rock to the beaches of Quintopus Island. Will Mario ever return to the Mushroom Kingdom, or will Mario stay put on this tropical island?

The world:
You will explore the Island of Quintopus with Mario, collecting physical energy called Power Sparks, which are used to power several things on the island as well as allow you to leave the island at one point. The Power Sparks are your main collectable for this game together with green Explorer Coins in every stage and in the hub world. Parallels could be made to the blue coins from SMS, but these green coins are purely skill and exploration based and don't require to solve puzzles or spray walls. ...Though they might hide in crates you have to destroy, so keep an eye out for them!

Some of the areas you will encounter:
Millo Beach
A sunny location with a small port for freight and ships, windmills which provide electricity to the stouthern part of Quintopus island, as well as a vast sandy beach to relax and sunbathe at.

Maniral Reef
Hidden between the eastern and middle leg of the island, this deep water cove has an unique aesthetic harking back to the first Quinto civilization on this island where all the tiles were laid by hand, and a coral reef near the edge of the deep waters make it a beautiful sight to behold.

Manamari Garden
Doubling as a farm, this location stands out with the huge fungi which grows here. The richness of the soil also makes this location perfect for crops and fruit, which there are plenty of to be found here.

Quinto Museum
An important landmark in Quintomen Village, this museum holds precious artifacts of the now deceased former mayor of Quintomen Village. This museum being his mansion when he was alive. People have reported weird laughing coming from this mansion every few weeks, but the cause of this is still unconfirmed.

There are a lot more stages beside these in the game, but for spoiler reasons, we will not mention them, of course.

Current collectable plan:
105 Power Sparks are currently planned for the game as well as 260 green Exploration Coins

Some screenshots of various bits:

[Image: Buw4re7.jpg]
[Image: O9cWzTW.png]
[Image: EjVFqKL.jpg]

Also... We have an old demo!
Try it out: Link to demo
you can call it super mario 256 Tongue

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