Simple Armips GUI v1.3.2
Updated to Version 1.3

This update is smaller than the previous updates, but it involves a lot of changes with the file-system of the program. This was necessary to add the new feature of profiles.

[Image: tzyPPL2.png]

These profiles are located in the local directory "./data/profiles/". There are currently 10 profiles for each of the different architectures that armips currently supports. Each profile will have its own individual save information including: the options in the settings menu, libraries, pre/post library assembly code, additional arguments, and executable file order. You can manually add or remove profiles by modifying the folders within the profile directory.

Note: n64crc.exe will now only be executed with the "N64" & "N64 RSP" profiles.

  • Restructured File paths
  • Added profiles for each of the different 10 architectures that armips supports.
  • Updated to the latest armips build (v0.9-107-gc19500c)


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