Simple Armips GUI v1.3.2
[Image: MJlGyYW.png]

This is a simple front-end GUI for Kingcom's Armips program. This is useful for people who don't want to include the ".Open / .Close / .n64" in all of their Armips source files. This also includes the n64crc program, which will automatically update the ROM's checksum when you import a source file if the profile is set on "N64" or "N64 RSP". If you have ever used Tarek's CajeASM GUI, then this should be very familiar to you.

This program also includes 7 basic ASM examples for SM64 in the "/data/examples/N64/Super Mario 64" folder. There are 2 different versions of the examples, one that is just assembly code and the other which uses the SM64 Macro Library (sm64mlib). See the bottom part of this post for more information.

[Download & Source]

Note: You will need the 32-bit Visual Studio 2015 redistributable to run armips. If you don't have it, then you can download it here: Make sure to select "vc_redist.x86.exe".

If you want to know more about how to use armips itself, then I highly suggest looking at the readme page on Kingcom's Github.


How to use the program:
  1. Load up the ROM file
  2. Load up the Assembly source file
  3. Press the Assemble button.
  4. If the import fails, then fix the source code according to what the error console says and go back to step 2

How does the gui work with armips.exe?


[Image: 2NwlWGi.png]

Pressing the red gear icon in the top-left corner of the main window will open the settings menu. This menu will allow you to change some options like the RAM address that will be used when opening the file. This is where you can also enable/disable libraries to use with your assembly code. Right now only the SM64 Macro Library (aka: sm64mlib) will be included. If anyone else has some useful libraries, then let me know so I can include them in future releases. You can find the libraries under a profile's libs folder (/data/profiles/*/libs/) folder.
  • [Pre-Lib ASM] - Edit armips code that will be processed BEFORE libraries have been loaded
  • [Post-Lib ASM] - Edit armips code that will be processed AFTER libraries have been loaded
  • [Update armips.exe] - Looks up the latest build of the armips.exe program and gives you the option to download if available.
  • [Manage executables] - Manage all of the programs that will be run in order when you click the "Assemble!" button.

Managing Executables

Creating SM64 Editor Tweaks

SM64 Macro Library (v0.2):

sm64mlib was made to be a replacement for the defined SM64 functions file I made for CajeASM. The SM64 Macro Library adds a lot of custom macros to make programming much simpler. Compare the two source files below. They both do the exact same thing, but the sm64mlib version uses fewer lines of code. Please look through the .asm files in the /data/profiles/N64/libs/sm64mlib folder to see how the macros work.

Hello World ASM example (Armips 0.9+)
Hello World ASM example (Armips 0.9+ w/ SM64 Macro Library)
creating editor tweaks is a cool idea! also this is a nice program lol
y-you too.
Updated to Version 1.3

This update is smaller than the previous updates, but it involves a lot of changes with the file-system of the program. This was necessary to add the new feature of profiles.

[Image: tzyPPL2.png]

These profiles are located in the local directory "./data/profiles/". There are currently 10 profiles for each of the different architectures that armips currently supports. Each profile will have its own individual save information including: the options in the settings menu, libraries, pre/post library assembly code, additional arguments, and executable file order. You can manually add or remove profiles by modifying the folders within the profile directory.

Note: n64crc.exe will now only be executed with the "N64" & "N64 RSP" profiles.

  • Restructured File paths
  • Added profiles for each of the different 10 architectures that armips supports.
  • Updated to the latest armips build (v0.9-107-gc19500c)


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