SM64: The Missing Stars (Console Compatible)
Original hack created by frauber (aka Messiaen)

This is an update to frauber's "SM64: The Missing Stars" to make the game playable on real N64 hardware. It took me about two weeks in January 2017 to fix most of the issues, and now you should be able to play the full game using a N64 flash cartridge like a Everdrive64 or n64Drive. 

Download (bps patch)

Note: The expansion pak is required to play this ROM hack.

- Console compatibility! Now you can play The Missing Stars on your N64 flash cartridge.
- The cap switches are now bigger. You will need to apply some force to press them down. (Expermental; I can revert this change in a later version if nobody likes it).
- Minor texture changes in some of the levels.
- Disabled the credits sequence, as there were too many problems on console. Once the plumber flys away after defeating the final boss, the game will simply go to the "The End" screen.

Known bugs/issues:
- Some models switch between flat and smooth shading on console. I think there is a messed up display list somewhere in one of the objects that is affecting the other models.
- Some particle effects have wrong colors on console.
- King bob-omb creates 2 stars for some reason. The "fake" star is unobtainable.
- Dorrie is colored white on console. (I call him "Albino Dorrie")
- Luigi has some weird scaling with his model.
- Both "The Undergrounds" and "Secret Woods" levels have a significant amount of lag in some parts of the level on console. I didn't have enough time to properly optimize these levels. I will try and fix this in a later version.

Special thanks
queueRAM, macN64 - for their contributions on the console compatibility thread.
MarathonMan - for his CEN64 emulator, which helped me find bugs faster.
frauber - for making this ROM hack. Smile

Video preview

Outstanding work David.
Tired Romhacker

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