SM64 ROM Manager (Info & Download)
Hey i've been using this app heavily and it does everything I want sans textures/easy title switch its almost all I need. The fix crashing when the level editor was open is great. I have a couple questions though

-How do I assign star # to each of the stars? I assume is 1 of the 4 behavior parameters

-Ive been trying to replace the title screen. I'm not sure the parameters to put in your custom object importer maybe you could take a screenshot example. So i been trying to do just that part with skelrux rom editor(without applying the patches just custom import), I have to extend bank 0x07(title) in your app to be able to replace the title screen in skelrux app without causing a crash booting the rom.
Only problem is after I extend the bank in your app and replace the title model in skelrux's its a blank screen during the title and has marios voice then the file select screen...tried replacing the extended title model too same result.
I heard this was a scaling problem but Ive tried all kinds of scales and following a youtube video that describes the scale he is using.

Heres a .dae of my title( n64 and rare logo from banjo different textures)

Any help would be great. Also will it still be hardware compatiable with a custom title screen? I don't have a console to test, and this game will run on hardware in the end.

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