SM64 ROM Manager (Info & Download)
SM64 ROM Manager
Developed by Pilzinsel64
Public Beta-Builds will be available soon!


SM64 ROM Manager - Version 0.1 - Beta

Please don't forget:
This tool is still in Beta, so don't expect that all is working 100% fine.
If you find bugs, please tell them me.
Also, there are many features missing, wich will come with updates from time to time.

Also, Converting SM64 Editor ROMs IS NOT SUPPORTED yet!
Just because it 100 times better to start with a clean ROM.
But if you try anyway, you will get some errors probably.

Updates will come nearly every day.

And now, enjoy it!

For developers:
If you want to support SM64 ROM Manager levels in your applications, you just have to add support for the One-0xE-Bank-System. It is explained in the main-post.

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