SM64 Community Hack Project
I want to gather the minds of the sm64 community to create the greatest shitposting hack imaginable. 
If you don't know who I am, then you may recognize some of the hacks I've made: The basic idea of this project is to mash together levels from as many different creators as possible and try to create a cohesive hack out of it. Here are the basic guidelines:

For submissions:
  • Create a isolated sm64 level, quality does not matter as long as it is somewhat playable and does not cause eye cancer.
  • It should use vanilla physics, custom objects are allowed if you want to be fancy just make sure you have the source code along with the behavior inside a single file. The code you apply should not affect generic vanilla objects; it has to be self contained.
  • Preferably the level should either already imported and ready to go, or it should just import just fine with minimal display list editing.
If you have no skills but always wanted to be part of a romhacking project, then feel free to just try your best and get me to do the rest of the level. Of course then the level will be in my hands Smile 

Remember that quality does not matter. If you want to just make a total shitpost hack then go wild. To submit, simply message me on here, youtube, discord or anywhere you can find me.

After you submit the hack, I will finish whatever you didn't. If you just send a model I'll import and place objects along with code. If you send a full level then I'll just import as is. Feel free to send whatever you want. You can tell me whatever you want to have inside the level and I will complete to the best of my abilities. Whether thats to revamp the level so it looks nice and to add many new custom things or to just leave the toad dick forest in unchanged; all will go inside the hack.

I will be creating a single level of my own as well. I will make it last and then combine the submissions together to try and make as cohesive a hack as possible.

The idea here is to have fun and show off the cool ideas you always wanted to do, but were too lazy to make a full hack out of, take your cancelled levels that didn't fit into your projects or make the level you wanted to make, but lacked the skill to create.

When finished, I imagine the hack will be a complete unplayable cringe hack that everyone will hate, but it will be our cringe hack that everyone hates. Anyway, I hope to get lots of submissions even if they're just your garbage unfinished levels, thanks in advnaced.
-cringe raiser
Level one has been completed. Submission by Arthurtilly.

Some people were asking for more details on this project.
I will be using Aglab's extended music bank 0xC for this, learn about it here:

If you are editing text, please include the edited text when you give it to me. I will not exclude any text you submit but please do not submit anything you believe will reflect poorly on the community Smile
The second leve is completed. Submission by GGmand

Some more questions that have been asked about this.
Q. Will every level be a shitpost?
A. No, the hack will reflect what the community submits. So far it hasn't been shitposts.
Q. Can I submit x?
A. Yes
Q. Can I really put x in my hack?
A. Yes
How do i submit a level
(08-24-2019, 02:10 PM)T.K. Sans Wrote: How do i submit a level

Send me an model file (anything but skp), packed blender file, a rom with the level inside. Basically anything that has the data for the level in it except skp because I dont use sketchup and cant convert them. You can send the files on here or any other site you find me.
Course 6 is done. This is the third level in the collaboration hack.
As you can tell, there was also a custom mario model submitted.

Some people have asked me when will the project end, and how I will allot levels so I will answer it now since I haven't addressed it in this thread.
-Completion: The hack will be completed once every level slot is filled. If there are no more slots but still many submissions then I could possibly look into re-arranging things to fit more in. If there are slots left but no submissions for a substaintial amount of time then I will post a date to submit by then end it there.
-Level assignment: So far, everyone has left it up to me what level to make, this is not necessary and you can decide what level you want as long as it isn't already made. Technically I can make duplicate levels, just the number would be different (e.g. there can be two metal caps if multiple people submit, but only the first would actually go in the "metal cap" course)
If you wish to reserve a level spot ahead of your submission then please message me.
A set of secret levels has been submitted by miles gaming:
Another secret level with just one star submitted by Daniel_EDC
I also added costume switching to mario. If you want to make another costume for mario let me know since I can accommodate a lot of them with this system (basically until I run out of rom space)
Another secret level submitted by somebro

Some people have tried to submit levels with custom sounds. These sounds need to be compatable with extended bank C (soundtool is not) so please check that before submitting.
Submissions have slowed down a lot. I'm sure thats because everyone is working on huge projects with intricate levels for this Big Grin
Anyway I'm going to finally set a deadline, submit by the end of the year please.

Deadline: Dec 31st 2019
There have been no new submissions. The hack is now released. Thx to people who submitted.

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