SM64: AM&PM 64
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I will make a new different hack of Super Mario 64. This focus on a "Time Zone" subject, where the levels are in different places on a continent divided into multiple time zones

This have 8 main courses, 2 Bowser levels, 4 minor courses, 3 !-Switchs, 2 keys (one useful) and the plan of total stars is probably 60 stars

Princess Peach was invited to celebrate the 100th glow of the power star of an small village on a continent with multiple time zones, and also invites Mario to celebrate too. Due to the confusion of time that said that the party began at 9:00 PM at time of village, Mario delayed and goes at 9:00 PM at time of the Mushroom Kingdom whose are 12:00 AM in village. At 11:50 PM, when all the people of the village and the princess gather to the power tower where the power star is located, it began to shine strongly, until surly Bowser arrives and catches the star. But it made the power star explode, causing all stars to fall in random places on the island. Thus, without the power star, all doors and warps were deactivated, causing great chaos to the villagers. Bowser, with anger that has occurred, kidnaps the princess and sends a letter to Mario with request to recover the power stars of the village and comes to confront him before 6:00 AM, otherwise, the princess would suffer a terrible destiny. Mario is received by the letter when going to the pipe and goes immediately to the village, thus beginning the adventure

Main Courses
Course 1: Rainy Night Plains
Course 2: Toad's Forenoon Roadcity
Course 3: Strange Water Temple
Course 4: Neon Led Desert
Course 5: Maple Treeway
Course 6: Whomp's Dance Mansion
Course 7: 70's DiscoLand
Course 8: Heaven Waterfalls (secret course)
Minor Courses
Course A: Diagonal Rainy Street
Course B: Plaza Peaks
Course C: Sunset Icy-Resort
Course D: Antarctic Volcano

If someone volunteers to help in the progress of the hack, I would be very grateful. Send me on PM to volunteer for music, ASM or beta tester
sounds cool Wink

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