RotM October 2019 - Sin and Punishment

This thread is dedicated to notes, files, and tools created for October 2019's RotM.

What is RotM?

ROM of the Month (RotM) is a month-long event in the Hack64 discord server. Where a bot will randomly pick a Nintendo 64 game that has little to no hacking notes or tools, and then we will spend a month trying to figure out how it works. For October 2019, the bot has chosen the game "Sin and Punishment" / "Tsumi to Batsu". We are specifically hacking the Japanese version of the game.

More details can be found on the main wiki article:

The wiki article for the game itself can be found here:

The discussion on the current game is done on the Hack64 discord server under the #rotm channel. 

Online Files

For easy collaboration, we are using HackMD to update files online in real time.

n64split config / RAM map:

Feel free to post your own notes on the game in a reply to this thread.


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