Replacing the black Bob-omb model. (Please help)
I am at an impasse. (While waiting for replies, I will work on the level I have been working on for weeks) 

For my rom hacking project, I need to replace the models of some of the enemies in the game, with custom models. While replacing the models for Mario, Goomba and King Bob-omb was simple enough, using the instructions from these videos.

I need extra help replacing the model for Bob-omb. The first attempt, Ubuntu gave me an error that said something along the lines of "No reference to bobomb_buddy_geo". So then I looked at the Fast 64 menus, and the menu for the actor exporter told me save the model in a separate folder if a Geo file contains 2 objects. (The bob-omb geo file contains the geo data for both Black bob-ombs and Bob-omb Buddies). After exporting the model to a new folder and compiling, Ubuntu gave me these errors. 

"build/us/actors/common0_geo.0: (data+0x65c): undefined reference to 'bobomb_seg8_dl_08022D08'
build/us/actors/common0_geo.0: (data+0x684): undefined reference to 'bobomb_seg8_dl_08022D08'"

There was a 3rd and final attempt before craving in to my inherit need to ask for help - but I got the same errors. I used the DL Exporter tool to save the model's header.h and files to a folder where I keep all of the assets for my rom hacking project. seemingly I could put the contents of the header.h file in a group file that's in the .h format. and I could place the contents of the model inc file in the bob-omb's model inc file, similar to how you'd replace the title screen logo in this tutorial. I feel like this is the way I have to replace the black bob-omb model, but I could be wrong.

Any attempt to compile the game  after the model was exported after that last attempt would not let the level where the bob-omb object was put in, not change the level. So the Bob-omb would not spawn as if the level itself was never edited. 

I've tried everything that I have learned and unfortunately none of those things that I've learned worked, but has seemingly gotten me closer to success (maybe). 

This is where I am stuck, the point to where I need to ask for help. Any advice will be appreciated. 

My apologies for poor grammar, it is currently 10:22 PM (the dead of night) and I just feel tired and exhausted from working on this project all day.

Tools/ software I am Using:
Blender w/ Fast64 plugin
Visual Studio Code
Project 64

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