Quad64 v0.2 (Beta Build 5)

This project is no longer being worked on.

I simply don't have any motivation to work on this project anymore. We have better tools to use at this point, so you might as well use those instead. If you want a simple and easy program to edit/create custom levels, then I'd recommend trying Pilzinsel64's SM64 ROM Manager tool. If you are good at programming in C, then you should take a look at decomp whenever that goes public.

This is an open source SM64 level editor that is made for modern operating systems called Quad64. It is written in C# and uses Windows forms for the GUI and OpenTK for the 3D rendering.

[Image: NeBlYO2.png]

  • Edit the positions and properties of objects like Stars, Platforms, Enemies, etc. 
  • Edit Warps, Painting Warps, and Instant Warps.
  • You can view and edit up to 8 areas (starting with area 0) in a level. 
The main initial focus of Quad64 is to be like Skelux's Toad's Tool 64, but with better ROM compatibility.
  • Both the vanilla 8MB ROM & extended ROMs (including ROM hacks) can be modified using this tool** 
  • You can modify any of the 4 major regional versions of SM64, which includes the North American, European, Japanese, and Japanese Shindou edition ROMs
  • You can load and save ROM files as big endian(.z64), middle endian(.v64), or little endian(.n64)
  • Supports most of the N64 texture formats: RGBA16, RGBA32, IA16, IA8, IA4, I8, and I4.
** Note: Macro & Special objects are not editable with the vanilla 8MB ROM, since they are MIO0 compressed. You can use queueRAM's sm64extend tool to extend any vanilla ROM file, which will let you edit these objects.



sm64extend GUI:

[Image: YvqJr1x.png]

If you want to be able to modify Macro & Special objects, then you will need to use an uncompressed extended ROM. I've made a simple graphical user interface for queueRAM's sm64extend program. This simple little tool will expand your ROM to the size you want and uncompress all of the MIO0 data. 

Improvements over VL-Tone's original SM64 extender:
  • Works with the European, Japanese, and Japanese (Shindou Edition) ROMs
  • Properly aligns the data blocks, so the extended ROMs should fully work on real N64 hardware.
  • Creates an extended ROM in less than a second.
Download Links:
Quad64 Releases: [Github]
sm64extend GUI:  [Download]
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Updated to version 0.2 (Beta Build 4)



Had to make a quick update, since inside castle, big boo's haunt, and hazy maze cave crash in bb4. Please redownload it again if you already have BB4.
Updated to version 0.2 (Beta Build 5)

Alright, time to officially kill off a project that has been dead for months.

I originally created Quad64 back in 2017 because Toad's Tool 64 had many issues on Windows 10. It literally crashed almost every time I pressed the save button. The loading times were pretty bad too, due to it being made with adobe projector. I took what knowledge I had at the time, and created a modern open-source copy of it. I even added support for editing the other 3 versions of SM64 (Japan, Europe, Shindou). The "Quad" in Quad64 just came from the fact that the tool supported 4 versions of SM64.

But now the tool isn't really needed anymore, and I don't feel like working on it. We're moving on to source-based editing with decomp instead of the binary-based editing of older tools. The source code for Quad64 will always be available on github, and you can do whatever you want with it.

If you are not already using it, I do recommend trying out Pilzinsel64's SM64 ROM Manager if you want an easy to use tool to import and edit your custom levels. It has gotten a lot of features over the past year, and Pilz is a lot more consistent with his updates than I was.

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