More Letters Patch
This patch imports the following missing HUD characters from the Japanese ROM:

[J] [Q] [V] [X] [Z] [!] [!!]
[?] [&] [%] [Circle] [Key]

armips source:
(Use Simple armips GUI to patch:

Compatible with SM64 (U) ROMs extended with VL-Tone's extender or equivalent.

  • Appends image data from more-letters.bin to segment 02
  • Updates segment-offset pointers in the character table
  • Updates segment 02 loader addresses
  • 0x1800 bytes of free space at 0x0081D364 (or NUM_CHARS * 0x200)
  • Reduce NUM_CHARS in more-letters.asm if SM64 crashes
By default the key character is excluded due to memory limitations but if anyone needs it I can add some better configuration options.
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