More Letters Patch
This patch imports the following missing HUD characters from the Japanese ROM:

[J] [Q] [V] [X] [Z] [!] [!!]
[?] [&] [%] [Circle] [Key]

armips source:
(Use Simple armips GUI to patch:

Compatible with SM64 (U) ROMs extended with VL-Tone's extender or equivalent.

  • Appends image data from more-letters.bin to segment 02
  • Updates segment-offset pointers in the character table
  • Updates segment 02 loader addresses
  • 0x1800 bytes of free space at 0x0081D364 (or NUM_CHARS * 0x200)
  • Reduce NUM_CHARS in more-letters.asm if SM64 crashes
By default the key character is excluded due to memory limitations but if anyone needs it I can add some better configuration options.
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[Image: v0w5hLh]
The way the patch applies the letters right now, certain letters do not seem to have the right offset. This offset at 0x02019010 leads to the letters appearing like the img above shows. I found that it fits much better with 0x021900C where it then appears like the img shown below. It is the same for some other letters as well.
[Image: Qno9cBK]

Here are my changes:
J: fine as is
Q: 01 8c 10 -> 01 8c 0c
V: 01 8e 10 -> 01 8e 0c
X: 01 90e 10 -> 01 90 0c
Z: 01 92 10 -> 01 92 0c
!: fine as is
!!: 01 96 10 -> 01 96 0E
?: 01 98 10 -> 01 98 0E
&: 01 9A 10 -> 01 9A 0C
%: fine as is
circle: 01 9E 10 -> 01 9E 0E
key: 01 A0 10 -> 01 A0 0E

It also turns out that the textures don't show up properly in game with an offset of 0E, so to get the textures to display properly when they have an ideal offset with 0E you'll have to reimport them at either 0c or 10
Here's a version of the asm file with the suggestions jesusyoshi had, when I tested it ingame I didn't see any differences, but here's it for good measure I guess???
whoops there was a virus? link here for some time how did that happen
I believe those edits are due to jabo actually looking back on it
Someone can help me to add four normal letters, please?

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