Mario Kart 64 Textures
Included here is an archive of all the MK64 textures that I currently know about (3806 total). This includes MIO0 compressed, TKMK00 compressed, kart textures, and raw encoded textures.

Download MK64 Texture Archive v5 (6.85MB)

Each image name is encoded as:
OFFSET = ROM offset of block
C_OFFSET = offset in decompressed file (for MIO0 and TKMK00)
FORMAT = one of RGBA16, RGBA32, IA8, IA4, I8, I4, CI8

[Image: d8wTP5u.png]
HUD Items 40x32 CI8
Idx  Item            Offset  Palette
0    Empty           1FED8   1DED8
1    Banana          203D8   1E0D8
2    Banana Bunch    208D8   1E2D8
3    Mushroom        20DD8   1E4D8
4    Two Mushroom    212D8   1E6D8
5    Triple Mushroom 217D8   1E8D8
6    Super Mushroom  21CD8   1EAD8
7    Spiny Shell     221D8   1ECD8
8    Boo             226D8   1EED8
9    Green Shell     22BD8   1F0D8
A    Triple Green    230D8   1F2D8
B    Red Shell       235D8   1F4D8
C    Triple Red      23AD8   1F6D8
D    Super Star      23FD8   1F8D8
E    Thunderbolt     244D8   1FAD8
F    Fake Item Box   249D8   1FCD8
[Image: q99y4T3.png]
HUD faces 32x32 CI8. Also includes the bomb warning icon that was unused in production.
Idx  Face   Offset  Palette
0    Mario  1B6D8   1A4D8
1    Luigi  1BAD8   1A6D8
2    Peach  1BED8   1A8D8
3    Toad   1C2D8   1AAD8
4    Yoshi  1C6D8   1ACD8
5    D.K.   1CAD8   1AED8
6    Wario  1CED8   1B0D8
7    Bowser 1D2D8   1B2D8
8    Bomb   1D6D8   1B4D8
9    [?]    1DAD8   1B4D8 - same palette
[Image: r3TTxPU.png]
[Image: ymdWVcI.png]
[Image: ZRKZbLP.png]
ROM                 Palette Description

6A0AC0-6A88BF  (8)  24ED8   CI8 56x72 holding lights
6A88C0-6B84BF (16)  250D8   CI8 56x72 holding lights-red
6B84C0-6C02BF  (8)  252D8   CI8 56x72 holding lights-blue
6C02C0-6DFABF (32)  254D8   CI8 72x56 waving flag
6DFAC0-6EF6BF (16)  256D8   CI8 72x56 2nd Lap sign
6EF6C0-6FF2BF (16)  258D8   CI8 72x56 Final Lap sign
6FF2C0-70EEBF (16)  25AD8   CI8 72x56 Reverse sign
70EEC0-712DBF  (4)  25CD8   CI8 56x72 fishing
[Image: mHKSoa4.png]

Green shells MIO0: 68EB50 68EDA0 68EFF0 68F248 68F4A8 68F700 68F96C 68FBCC
CI palette in MIO0 block 132B50, offset 4E38

Spiny shells MIO0: 68FE20 69004C 690284 6904C4 690708 690960 690BBC 690DF8
CI palette in MIO0 block 132B50, offset 5038

[Image: vcDxG40.png]

MIO0 block 0x132B50 Places: 1P/2P/3P/4P 64x32 CI8
1P 17458 Pal:17258
2P 17C58 17258
3P 18458 17258
4P 18C58 17258
[Image: AESjum3.png]
white/black striped signal lights 24x48 CI8
I don't recall seeing these in the game at all as Lakitu has his own lights.
0  260D8  Pal:25ED8
1  26558
2  269D8
3  26E58
4  272D8
5  27758
6  27BD8
7  28058
8  284D8
9  28958
[Image: db3ADZz.png]
bomb textures CI8 32x32
Idx Color         Offset  Palette
0  black          29858   2A858
1  dark yellow    29C58
2  yellow         2A058
3  bright yellow  2A458
[Image: tFHUpIl.png]

Please post here if you know more information.

Thanks to mib_f8sm9c, abney317, Rena, Weatherton, abitalive for helping.
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