Introduce Yourselves
Title says it all. My introduction is below.
Hi I'm poudink. I do NSMB hacking and am also pretty active in the SM64 community.
hi, i'm shibboleet, I do sunshine reverse engineering and all that cool stuff.
Well. I'm Glitchy.
You might know me from some other several places.
Itsa me, BAC0N.

I do relatively cool ASM shit, make decent models, and spend way too much time on music.

Recently I felt like doing commissions, so if you want me to do a song for your project, just DM me the basic info I need to know in order to write it, such as the genre, theme, or you Smooth-McGrooving the melody
y-you too.
I'm Kaze.
I'm No. 90. I've been lurking around the SM64 hacking community for about 8 years now. (under different names previously) I generally just make stuff without ever finishing an actual full project.
Hello, I am Davideesk. I mainly focus on reverse-engineering SM64 to help create hacking notes & tools for others to use.
I'm Trent. I'm F3D-God, but also enjoy music modding and reverse-engineering some scripts like in Banjo-Tooie
Hi I'm RobiNERD aka Robin. I love doing homebrew stuff especially for the Nintendo 64, because this console means alot to me. My favourite game must be Twilight Princess but Paper Mario 64 is a very very nice game aswell. I've done some SM64 hacking stuff in the past and when I'm bored I still touch that game a little. My current main project is Galaxy64, a game with a Mario Galaxy feel for the Nintendo64. It's a homebrew, not a SM64 ROM hack, but I'm working with some other dudes on ONE64/BMF. I'm in the lead developement for DAE2BMF which is a program to convert COLLADA files to our BMF model format and convert textures and materials. I'll probably make a BMF to SM64 DL convertor too when I'm done with G64. Otherwise, have a good day and sorry for this super long introduction lol.
What's up? I'm Shiggyotto, been around sm64 things since 2012, now I'm developing stuff for Unreal Engine using Autodesk Maya. The Tale of 2 will be my first major project. Then I plan on tackling other game projects and eventually animation movies. I have talents in art, graphics and now I'm working on my music skills.
I am MWeegee, I do basically nothing but for some reason I am still here anyway.
I am MWeegee Waschpenner, I do basically nothing but for some reason I am still here anyway.
I am MWeegee Waschpenner Stomatol, I do basically nothing but for some reason I am still here anyway.
Hi I'm Solara and I'm here because why not.
I'm Pablo. I make ROM hacks, founded Team Cornersoft, makes video on YouTube and streams occasionally on Twitch.
I'm Redetzky. I'm a dumby.
I'm SuperNeil64. I am #1 of the Kaze Emanuar Fan Club and Kaze's biggest fan.

I was also declared the straightest man on Earth by the U.N.
"An anime is only as good as its fan service." - A wise man
Hey, I am Snifit9.
Name's Dan,
Big memer and good artist, trying to get into SM64 and SMW hacking now and compose music in the future.
Also Brazilian(nothing to be proud of), trying to get better at speaking english.

Tenham uma boa tarde.
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Hey I'm Drahnokks I do some SM64 hacking.

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