Importing Blender File into Mod Manager (I need to replace some NPC Models)
I've been using SM64 Decomp and Fast 64 plugin for blender to create my romhack and the custom models to replace the enemies  and mario's model with, but I wanted too see how Rom Manger could help me. Long Story Short, it's amazing, But I don't quite understand how to replace models for Mario, Goomba, both Small and Big Bully (LLL), Bob-omb, and King Bob-omb.

How can I use Mod Manger to relace the models for the characters listed above?

The only tutorial that I could find about this is this:
But this tutorial dose not show what model he is importing into Rom Manager or How the model was made, and what software was used to create the model.

Any advise will be appreciated!

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