How To Import A Custom 3D 1-up?
In Super Mario 64 Last Impact, Kaze added a spinning 3D 1-up. I have a model of a 1-up that I would like to import. I know that I can't just import a 1-up model right now because it would be facing the camera the whole time. (The original behavior make it always face the camera like to coins and trees because it's just a texture.) I would like to import a 3D 1-up and I would need a patch like the 3D coins patch. If someone could make a patch to make the 1-ups spinning with a 3D model, that would be very nice. (I think it would be a nice addition to SM64 Tweaker.) It would also need an import set. So if someone is willing to make a 3D 1-ups patch and import set, thank you. I would really like that.
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