Flashcart Test Requests
If you have romhack patches or homebrew you would like to have tested on hardware, you may post them here. Before submitting, please test on an accurate emulator setup (For N64 testing try CEN64 or the angrylion graphics plugin).

Testers: Please include the name and version of the flashcart used for testing. Screencaps of gameplay are also appreciated.
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Bounce Tales 64 (1.0fix)
I wanted my first hack to be console compatible using the instructions of the wiki page, but since i dont have a N64, i don't have video proof showing the hack on console yet.
Here are the images:

Download is in the release trailer description:
Seems to be stable on 64drive HW2. I got this message in the first level btw:
[Image: TkLcrSH.jpg]
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