Discord server icon art competition
We are holding a little art competition for the OSC Discord server's icon. If you wish to participate, your submission must be a depiction of a cat with one or more of the following themes: space, hacking, Super Mario, Nintendo stuff. It should be easily recognizable when shrunken down to Discord icon size. You may take inspiration from our current icon. Please post your submissions below (One submission per person)! This thread will be closed Saturday at 10PM GMT and voting will take place on a temporary channel in the Discord server.
Here is my submission. It is a wireframe version of the cat from our current icon.


Good luck to everyone else in the competition!
[Image: a_b_c_d_OSC_ART_JPEG_with_fixed_nose.jpg]
Heres mine
[Image: Doob_png.png]
[Image: n912SX8.png]

Here's my submission for server icon. I put alot of work into it.
Let's give it another week since there are only two and half submissions so far 
I thought I'd make a cat looking like 4chan to show that she is a hacker. credit to getty images for the cat in space.
This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted! See https://discord.gg/vSVut4K for voting. Poll closes Monday 11PM GMT.

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