[Commissions] (Super Mario 64/Mario Kart 64) Music Ports and Textures
[Image: Pablos_Corner_Mod_Assets_Commissions_v1.2.png]

(Quick little note, if you provide a MIDI yourself for the music commissions, it will be finished a lot sooner than usual.)

If you're good with all of this, feel free to send me a Private Message (or if you see me on Discord, message me on there) and I can start making stuff for you!
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UPDATE: Revised price chart and refined guidelines
(07-18-2021, 05:51 PM)kirito Wrote: Hii Pablos..i want to know if this ad is still relevant. also if there are any changes in the mentioned prices. 
kinemaster mods
Regards, Kazuto Kirigaya

The ad is still relevant I suppose. I haven't changed the prices.

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