Bowser's Church Release!
Welcome to Bowsers Church!  Bowser has enacted a church in the Mushroom Kingdom. It is your job to put a stop to him. 
Do you save the church, or destroy it? It is your choice, my friend. 
Explore 8 New Areas (2 Levels, 6 Sub-Areas), coupled with new music and textures, to bring in a fresh new look at the Nintendo 64 Classic.
Here is a video of me playing it!

Wanna play it? Here is the Download Link! Just click "DOWNLOAD ALL", and then follow the directions in README.txt, and you will be on your way to enjoying the enriching experience of "Bowser's Church"!

After playing it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could give feedback! Click on this Google Form link, and then fill it out if you feel so inclined!

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Great hack, just finished. Found 2 collision glitches pictured above, figured you should know. All you need to do is delete the polygons under the ones mario should be standing on.

By the way, is there a cap switch?
Hey thank you very much for pointing that out man! My apologies I just saw this myself, yeah I will surely check those out! Also, with the Cap Switch, I actually left that in on accident! I'll have to edit that and then release a new update at some point.
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