ASM + hacking tutorial.
I've been working on some documents to help get people in asm a bit. The hacking scene has been pretty active lately and a lot of new people are asking about things that can be done simply with asm so I figured I would write a quick tutorial. You shouldn't expect to understand this if you're completely new to hacking or computer science; learning this will take some effort. If you find any errors post in this thread or msg me please.
Here is what I've written so far:

Super Beginner:

Preface: Introduction to hexidecimal, ram/rom + banks and offsets, quick custom model importing + behavior scripts explanation


Part 1: MIPS asm intro, the object struct and how you can use it to control objects

Part 2: floats, branches, jumps, the stack and functions and some example uses

Part 3: The mario struct, interactions and more in depth behaviors

Part 4: Practical examples and explanations

Aside: using the debugger (overview)


Part 5: Collision and Display Lists Introduction


If you would like to contribute please message me or post in this thread. These tutorials will also be featured on my webiste:
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This looks really helpful, i'll give it a read!
so basically i arf
Thanks for the spoon feed. I've been digging for info and only find a lot of puzzle pieces and dead links.

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