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[Vector designer skills activate]
[Image: mMNZ7DN.png]

Typeface: own
Software: Inkscape

Hey, I like it. The font is very nice. One thing I'd like to maintain though is emphasis on a wireframey low poly feel, as I plan to make that the overall theme for the site.
Gotcha, I'll chop some edges off the font to make it look like that.
Thanks for taking the time to do this! The font isn't really an issue but if it could be more wireframe-like that'd be a plus. I'd like to see the Mario head be more wireframe-like and triangular without getting too complex, if possible.
Oh, Wireframe?
Sure, I can work with that, but first let me show what I did before reading that last message Tongue[Image: TbmCPlR.png]
I prefer the style of the first font Tongue.
[Image: iPXEGTx.png]
geez manually drawing these is a pain but it's worth it lol

Revision 3  ?[Image: ztJiiX7.png]
Nice, that looks similar to what I envisioned! Though I'd like to see how it would look if the wireframe were brighter & without the gradient (perhaps slightly thicker too), and if Mario's head could be scaled down so that its roughly the same height as the font. Also I think it would look a little better if the outline stroke for both the lettering and the head were the same thickness and style (I think either stroke style would work if applied overall).
Changes applied
[Image: SeHSPlx.png]
Awesome work, that looks perfect! Think you could send me a version with a fully transparent background?
I can actually give you 2 monochrome SVGs so you can make an eye killer theme and a dark theme

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