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Segment 2

Segment 2 contains the font textures (HUD, dialog, credits, transitions), font tables, dialog text, level names, act names, various display lists, and painting mesh data. It is MIO0 Compression compressed and stored at 0x108A40 in the (U) ROM and inflated by assembly at run time in the function at 80248964. It is located at ROM offset 0x803156 in the extended ROM.

Memory Map

Start End Description
0x00000 0x049FF Large font and HUD textures
0x04A00 0x058FF Credits font textures
0x05900 0x06FFF Small dialog font textures
0x07000 0x076FF HUD camera textures
0x07700 0x077E7 HUD lookup table
0x077E8 0x07BE7 Small dialog font lookup table
0x07BE8 0x07C7B Credits font lookup table
0x07C7C 0x07C93 HUD camera lookup table
0x07C94 0x07D07 Some unused dialog-encoded text
0x07D08 0x07D33 Unused text lookup table
0x07D34 0x0FFC7 Dialog text
0x0FFC8 0x10D13 Dialog lookup table
0x10D14 0x10F67 Level names text
0x10F68 0x10FD3 Level names lookup table
0x10FD4 0x1192B Act names text
0x1192C 0x11ABF Act names lookup table
0x11AC0 0x120B7 F3D display lists and vertices
0x120B8 0x172B7 Shadow, transition, other textures
0x172B8 0x172CF Unused. Looks like lighting parameters
0x172D0 0x178BF Matrices, F3D display lists, vertices
0x178C0 0x18A0D Paintings mesh vertices, triangles
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