Memory Viewer Reference
Editor keyboard and mouse commands

    Ctrl+C                 Copy selection to the clipboard
    Ctrl+X                 Copy selection to the clipboard and zero-fill
    Ctrl+V                 Paste data from the clipboard
    Ctrl+B                 Paste data from the clipboard without advancing caret position
    Ctrl+T                 Duplicate current tab
    Ctrl+F4                Close current tab
    Ctrl+Tab               Switch tabs
    Ctrl+G                 Set base address to caret position or beginning of selection
    Ctrl+Space             Follow pointer
    Ctrl+A                 Select all visible bytes
    Ctrl+E                 Set memory lock at the caret position
    Ctrl+R                 Set memory read breakpoint at the caret position
    Ctrl+W                 Set memory write breakpoint at the caret position
    Ctrl+Q                 Clear all memory breakpoints and locks
    Ctrl+F                 Open search tool
    Ctrl+S                 Open memory dump tool
    Ctrl+[1-9]             Set byte group size
    Ctrl+Z                 Undo last safe mode edit
    Insert                 Toggle safe mode
    Enter                  Write safe-edited data
    Page Down              Advance base address down
    Page Up                Advance base address up
    Home                   Return to caret position
    Arrows                 Move caret position
    Ctrl+Arrows            Move caret position (single nibble while in the hex column)
    Shift+Arrows           Adjust selection range
    Delete                 Zero-fill selection
    Backspace              Zero-fill previous nibble/character or zero-fill selection
    Click                  Set caret position
    Mouse drag             Make selection
    Double click           Select byte group
    Right click            Show context menu

Editor color legend

    FF Read breakpoint set
    FF Write breakpoint set
    FF Read and write breakpoints set
    FF Locked value
    FF CPU read target
    FF CPU write target
    FF Symbol
    FF Value changed
    FF Read-only memory
    FF Edited in safe mode

Tab bar mouse commands

    Double click           Duplicate tab
    Right click            Close tab

Status bar mouse commands

    Click address range    Copy address range to clipboard
    Click "Have DMA"       Show DMA information

"Safe mode"

    Safe mode is an option that can be toggled via the insert key or from the context menu.
    While safe mode is enabled, edits made by the user are not written into memory until the enter key is pressed.
    This can make it easier to edit pointers or touchy variables without crashing your game.