[Solved?] Why do scrolling textures not work with my ROM?
I still use SM64 Editor instead of ROM Manager.

The feature in SM64 Editor for scrolling textures seems to work perfectly fine before playing it in-game.
No matter what, no textures ever scroll with ROM using SM64 editor.

In SM64 Editor...
- I chose the right texture to scroll.
- I put in the correct amount in polygons.
- I set the speed to 7 to make sure I could see it scroll.
- I did the exact same thing with a fresh ROM and that worked.
   - And yes, I didn't switch emulators or change graphics plugins.
If you did the exact same thing in a fresh ROM and it worked, there's probably something wrong with your current ROM. Try reverting the level you are importing over and reimport it.
By the way, can you be more specific on what you are using? SM64 Editor version number, emulator name and version, graphics plugin?
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This may or may not help. If you use editor 2.1.3 scrolling textures will not work. I use 2.2.3 and it works. Idk if this helped.
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