Screwed up my rom by HUD Icons
So, I had the idea to config the HUD Icons to set the icons to a other position, making it looking like a List. But I forgot to backup the rom and overwrite the Hud-Icons Settings. After that, I can't start the game anymore. All I can do is looking at the title screen and the file-selection-menu, but after selecting a file, the game crashes. I tried to undo the action, but it still crashes.
Tools I used to config Hud:
- PilzInsel's SM64 Tweaker 0.4.??? (Probably the latest.)

Can anyone help by that?
(You can contact me under discord too. "Jecket#2025")
(Oh and that's why SM64: 1 Star Demo isn't out by now.)
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Just to get things strait so people can help you easier, I'll say what I think you're explaining. So you had a ROM that you were working on, and you wanted to move around the HUD elements with SM64 Tweaker. You forgot to backup your ROM before you opened it, and then added the changes to the HUD. You opened the ROM to test it, and it crashes when you start the actual game. Then you went onto Tweaker again to revert the changes back to the original ones, and it still crashes. Is that all correct?

Here are a couple of questions to understand you situation:

Did you test the ROM before you made the changes? If you did, did it work?
Did you add any other codes, tweaks or patches before you added to HUD changes?
Are your settings different in your emulator then when you last opened the ROM?
Are you using a different graphics plug-in?
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