SM64 Portal Tools
SM64 Portal Tools is a collection of objects that can be added to sm64. Included is also portal physics and tools.

[Image: 3bTY2DE.gif]

The idea of combining the best parts of sm64 physics with portal mechanics is to enable more unique and interesting variations in rom hacks. With portal objects and physics integrated a lot of new opportunities open up for level design, playing with physics in interesting ways and creating various forms of puzzles.

Only basic rom hacking knowledge is required to use these tools (the tutorial covers everything)

Objects included:
  • Sentry Turret
  • Cube
  • Light Bridge
  • Laser Beam
  • Receptacle Laser
  • Receptacle Pellet
  • Reflect Cube
  • Excursion Funnel
  • Excursion Funnel Switch
  • High Energy Pellet
  • Gel (blue)
  • Gel (yellow)
  • Gel (faucet)
  • Chamber Door
  • Connected Metal Box
  • Connected Metal Box (Appearing)
  • Switch with Hidden Boxes



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