Thought i would point out that during gameplay the first two words of each file are used to keep track of the hat when it's blown off mario by a whoosh/wind.
0x00 - Course
0x01 - Area
0x02 - X
0x04 - Y
0x06 - Z

But it doesnt seem to actually save so who knows why they store it there specifically. must have just been a convenient spot.
Edit: Actually it does seem to save under the right conditions (seems like the hat needs to actually get blown off, simply setting the no hat flag doesn't cause these bytes to save nor do they save normally,) my emulator's memory view just didn't update after resetting which caused confusion. But even then, it gives you your hat back if only the "no hat" flag is set (not the enemy specific no hat flags.) when you re-load your save file, so im really not sure what the point is.

I guess if you wanted to for a hack you could nop away the instruction at 0x8027a120 and it would make it so the hat would need to be collected from the place it landed if it gets blown off and no enemies (such as Mr. Blizzard) get it, even between game sessions.

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