I'm Looking For Excellent ASM Writers!
I'm working on a ROM hack called "Super Mario 64 Star Odyssey" and I need help with codes. I have been slowly learning how to use hex, but I am nowhere near being able to code stuff for my ROM. I have been making levels, mainly working on my hub. I've been spending weeks working on my worlds, making sure I get every little detail necessary to make sure it looks great. I'm good with the model making, but I need somebody who is willing to help me out with the code part of it. I'm looking for someone  who can do ASM and hex codes. I would like to have about 3 new power-ups, so that won't be a lot. I also have a model of a file select that I would like to put in. If anybody is willing to help me out, then thanks! I will say that there will be no reward for this, but please don't let that change your mind if you were thinking about helping. If anybody is willing to help, just send me a private message and I'll respond with what I would like! Please consider this, I am really excited for this and I have been putting in so much time and effort in all this. Thank you in advance!

(More details will go to the person who would like to help.)
-Working on "SM64 Star Odyssey".

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