[Fast3D] Improving the way we handle textures in custom levels
(12-16-2019, 11:28 PM)jesusyoshi54 Wrote:
(12-16-2019, 07:11 PM)Yoshi Milkman Wrote: Does anybody know if Bender automatically group polygons by texture on export? Or would I make every polygon that uses a material it's own object in Blender with just that one material in the slot? Usually the level mesh is just one object with all materials in it.

It depends on the exported model format. Generally each texture is its own material, but you can have repeated textures with different materials. Vertices and faces are grouped together by material. I do not know if it actually matters if materials are separate objects or not on export, but I believe besides for extended obj there is no issue with that, it should only affect how you edit the model.
Of course this is also dependent on how the importer handles the files. Most of the time Assimp is used to varying degrees of success. The best thing I can say is that you should expect different results for every sm64 importer.
Ah I see, thank you so much. Any specific importer you'd recommend?

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